The bushfire edition of the Huon News

The bushfire edition of the Huon News

With much of Franklin evacuated last Wednesday, the Wednesday, January 30 edition of the Huon News did not make it to press, the first week there has not been a scheduled Huon News since World War II.

This week the Huon News talks to some of those affected by the bushfires that have been breathing down the neck of the Valley since the dry lightning storm of January 15.

With cooler conditions and rain on the horizon, many have been able to take a breather from the intensity of the situation, but the danger is far from over, and the economic and health effects of the fires may be felt for many weeks, months and even years to come.

We chat to firefighters, volunteers, politicians and residents who were on the ground during, what was hopefully, the worst of the crisis last wee,k and begin to look to the future and a recovery for our community.